Life & Family

Family is beautiful. Where would we be without them? In June 2014, Drew and I decided to start our own and got married 3 months after we got engaged. In 2016 our family grew by 1 and now we are 4. This includes our fur baby, Hank 🙂

Can I just say that quality time with family members is such a great life gift. There are so many opportunities to share special moments, make new ones, learn new things and grow together. I am so thankful to God for blessing me in this area. We have friends that we consider family as well. We love to do things as a family & encourage others to also. Millie and Hank add so much more fun to our lives. Except when Hank is barking and waking Millie up from naps… I’ll share some different things on this page that we like to do as a family & please feel free to share some of your fun ideas. We also love couple time. We have fun getting creative with our dates. Check out this page for some inexpensive family/couple fun.

  • Family Culture - I recently started a podcast club with some girls where we meet weekly to chat about the podcast of the week, about life and sip yummy warm drinks.This week was our first week and the podcast was on family culture (episode 6 of Cultivating Lovely podcast). Listening to it sparked my interest and so I … Continue reading Family Culture
  • Getting creative with your dates -

    My husband and I like to plan secret dates and surprise each other every once in a while. Drew likes to drop subtle hints that something may be being planned and then I try to get it out of him ahead of time. I like surprises in the moment but the anticipation of knowing there […]