My daughter’s 1st birthday party


Birthdays are a great time to celebrate the lives of the people we love. It’s also a great time to get creative and try to tailor your special party to the likeness of your loved one. I always thought of birthdays of just another day and oh presents but the older I get the more I think that we should really take advantage of setting aside 1 day every year to truly celebrate your loved one’s life and who they are. A day just for them.

This year was so much fun planning our daughter’s very 1st birthday. We decided to do a pancake party with friends but we still had cake! She loved it. We also plan to do a pizza party this weekend with our family and that will be fun too! I chose to do a floral theme because they are beautiful just like her. I went with pink, gold and turquoise as the colours because they look awesome together and it made for the perfect shabby chic look. Our girl’s personality is soft and gentle and beautiful so I felt it was well suited. I am sure that the years to come she will love helping get things ready and we will make it just how she wants it. This year mama got to decide.

I had fun making some of my own decorations for her. I found some great tutorials on Pinterest so I am going to share them with you in case you are interested in trying any of them. These tissue paper flowers are much easier than you would think and you can make them fairly quickly. The link on Pinterest shows a wide variety of colours on the wall and that looks lovely too. You can make them different sizes too. You can see the tutorial here > Tissue paper flowers

I also made the tastle garland hanging from the shelf at our coffee station from crepe paper (tutorial here > Crepe paper garland). I also made the sign that says Amelia Pearl. I just spray painted a wooden canvas that I bought at a local art supplies store and painted Amelia Pearl on it. I actually made this sign for over her crib but decided to use it as a decoration for her big party too to help personalize it.  For a finishing touch I put a precious photo of A out as well. It was a great addition.


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