Getting creative with your dates

My husband and I like to plan secret dates and surprise each other every once in a while. Drew likes to drop subtle hints that something may be being planned and then I try to get it out of him ahead of time. I like surprises in the moment but the anticipation of knowing there is a surprise that I must wait for just drives me nuts. I sometimes cave and tell him my plans in advance because I get too excited… Still, the planning and putting thought into doing something special together and for the person you love makes it pretty fun.

Life is busy and sometimes throwing a little zest into your date nights end up leaving both people feeling refreshed & encouraged. You usually know your “other half” well enough to know just what they need so this is what I keep in mind when planning. If I think he needs to be surrounded by friends then I plan something with friends. If I think he just needs some 1 on 1 time, I plan something with just us.

I often hear my friends say that they don’t date their husbands much because it’s expensive to find a baby sitter and go out (TRUE) or they feel dry in the coming up with date ideas department. Recently Drew tried to surprise me with a family date to go skating but then it was -30 with a wind chill and so we didn’t dare take our little munchkin out in that. The following week I tried to plan a surprise skating party with 8-10 friends back home that we rarely get to see. This time mother nature flooded us out so I opted for PLAN B and went for a surprise nacho date with friends followed by hot tubbing. We will try the skating again this weekend.

We love to get outside and try different things and places on our dates. Sure going to the movies and out for dinner is fun but we don’t do that every time. Also, the movies & dinner can end up being a small fortune for a night of sitting in the dark and not talking to each other. Depending on where you live, there are usually a number of things that a community or city has to offer and usually you can find some interesting activities that are free! Check out your community’s website or Facebook page for upcoming events. We were lucky enough to each get a pair of snow shoes this year for Christmas so if we ever get any more snow we will get back out on those. So far it hasn’t been much of an authentic Canadian winter around here. This is something we did a fair amount last year while I was pregnant. It was a great way to get out together, get some fresh air and exercise and take the dog for a run. Anything that includes nature, fresh air and exercise is a great date for us. If you think this is something you would enjoy, grabbing a pair of snow shoes at Costco for under $100 is probably a great investment (or gift idea)!

Recently we decided that we will have at least 1 date per month because it’s important. Family time is awesome but we need time too. We think it’s important for our friends to as well so we encourage them to get out together too and we will hang with their kiddies. I would encourage anyone to do the same. Plan ahead and make it special. Get creative! Your special someone will appreciate it and you will enjoy planning the surprise I’m sure. If you’re lacking inspiration, here are some winter ideas for you that are pretty inexpensive:

  • Fill a thermos with your hot beverage of choice & pack a small blanket in your back pack. Take a winter walk somewhere pretty.  Stop somewhere along the way to have your drink & catch up on things that you don’t normally talk about (ie. your dreams or future). This could get nippy so you may end up back in your car if you’re under dressed.
  • Go to your favourite cafe and play some cards together. Maybe you feel like just relaxing but still being together… In that case each bring a book and sit together sipping your latte while you read. If you’re both reading the same book maybe your cafe night is a great time to chat about what you have been reading.
  • Pull out your favourite board game and treats after the kids go to bed and have some fun! You could even invite another couple over without your honey even knowing.
  • Go for an evening drive somewhere that you love and dream together about your future.
  • Go parking and get frisky like you would when things were new. I don’t know, sounds good. <— Drew if you read this yes this is the next surprise date. HA
  • Try skiing or snowboarding
  • Break out the kids’ crazy carpets/GT snow racers and let your inner child out for a day/night. Don’t break anything just have fun. Sadly our baby’s sled doesn’t go fast and there is no way either of us are fitting in it. I just thought this sounded like a great idea. Maybe our friends children will let us borrow one of theirs some day.
  • Cook a meal together and eat in. Try something NEW!
  • Make something together. EX. A DIY project that you have been dying to try… Maybe a sign or an indoor herb garden or something special for the kids.
  • Have a movie night in with your favourite snacks.

Let me know what you love to do for date night both outside the home or inside after the children are fast asleep. Did this inspire you to try something different? Feel free to leave out parking stories if you went for that option.


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